Treating Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms is Lucrative

According to investors, the most promising drugs in the pipeline for treating Parkinson’s disease DON’T actually treat the disease. The drugs merely reduce some of the symptoms of this degenerative disease. The sole purpose of one of the drugs is to reduce the side effects of another drug that itself only helps symptoms!

As the numbers of sufferers continues to increase, treatment of symptoms is certainly lucrative. But this report should remind us of the desperate need for treatments that slow, stop, or reverse the disease itself. Parkinson’s is progressive and more and more debilitating as time passes, and drugs stop being effective after a while. Furthermore, all current sufferers will be dead before a cure comes – unless we find something to at least slow the degeneration.

That, as you know, is what this project is all about. Please help spread the word!

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Dr. Steve

Dr. Steve

Researcher at Stop Parkinson's
Dr. Steve is a biochemist, specializing in medical bioinformatics and nutrition. Dr. Steve directs a biomedical consulting laboratory, focusing primarily on biomedical investing and health policy.
Dr. Steve

One thought on “Treating Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms is Lucrative”

  1. I doesn’t make business sense for pharmaceutical companies to find a cure for Parkinson’s. The quickest route to finding a cure is for the global wide Parkinson’s community to network together to form a single voice important enough not to be ignaured.

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