Dave Parker

Parkinson’s runs in the family of this former Pirates slugger

Does Parkinson’s run in families? Unfortunately, Dave Parker’s sister is battling a more advanced stage of the disease.

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Annette is a fundraising consultant whose husband was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Annette found a team of scientists working on a technology she thinks can stop Parkinson's. She was then able to raise funding for the project from multiple financial donors. And that's how Stop Parkinson's was born.

2 thoughts on “Parkinson’s runs in the family of this former Pirates slugger”

    1. Hi Janet, there does seem to be heritable risk for certain types of Parkinson’s disease. But this appears to be the minority of cases. I’m not sure if Dave Parker and his sister share some genetic factor which increased their risk, or if they shared an environmental factor. These are the kinds of questions being addressed in current research.

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