Viv Mackay

Recumbent tricycle is an excellent exercise option for Parkinson’s sufferers

This cyclist diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease is inspiring others to ride recumbent tricycles. “I’ve decided I’m going to darn well do what I can do to stay on top of it, which is basically cycling and exercising. Although you could say I’m fighting it, I recognize that it’s a degenerative disease, and you can’t win. You can just try to modify it.” says Viv Mackay.

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Steve Ludzik

Early onset Parkinson’s with a history of head trauma and Crohn’s disease

Hockey coach Steve Ludzik takes 22 pills daily to control his Parkinson’s symptoms. He is sure that blows to his head is the cause of his early onset Parkinson’s. But he has also suffered from Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory condition, for all of his adult life.

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Dr. Patrik Brundin

Parkinson’s disease starts with sense of smell then spreads

New research suggests that misfolded proteins in Parkinson’s patients spread from the olfactory bulb (and regions that affect the gut) to other regions of the brain.

“A major unmet medical need is a therapy that slows disease progression,” said Dr. Patrik Brundin, who leads Parkinson’s research at VAI and is senior author of the study. “We hope an understanding of how (the protein) moves between brain regions will help uncover molecules that we can target with new drugs to slow the progression of symptoms in patients.”

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Keeping our mitochondria healthy by boosting mitophagy?

Keep your mitochondria healthy or this genetic mutation will not take out the trash. Now, how do we boost mitophagy? This may be the key to healthy neurons.

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Dave Parker

Parkinson’s runs in the family of this former Pirates slugger

Does Parkinson’s run in families? Unfortunately, Dave Parker’s sister is battling a more advanced stage of the disease.

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Tim Vickers

Will a cure be too late for Tim Vickers?

Tim Vickers, a Parkinson’s disease sufferer, says ‘It won’t kill me, but it might make me wish it had’.

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JCI Cover

Glucose control and Parkinson’s disease

Glucose control may be one way to slow the degenerative process in Parkinson’s. Once again we see an association of blood glucose, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

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