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These are posts made on the “Parkinson’s News” page on Facebook, maintained by Annette. They consist largely of interesting articles originating outside the blog, relating to topics other than symptoms management.

Neuronal Iron

Does iron cause Parkinson’s disease?

Does iron cause Parkinson’s disease? As usual, the epidemiology is conflicting, at least the interpretation is difficult. Higher blood iron is associated with a reduction of Parkinson’s rates, while higher consumption (non-heme iron) is associated with higher Parkinson’s rates. Of course it’s possible that higher blood iron is also associated with lower tissue concentrations. Lots more in the future about the contribution of iron to many degenerative diseases, I predict.

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Solongo Lin

Penn Students Searching for Treatment for Parkinson’s

Blocking the initiation of misfolding – now this would really be a great thing! We need to focus research more on fighting the degeneration itself, rather then just the symptoms.

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Sniffin Sticks

Decreased sense of smell in Parkinson’s Disease

Is a decreased sense of smell an indicator of early stage Parkinson’s disease? Well yes and no. While almost all sufferers lose some of their sense of smell, most of those with decreased sense of smell do not have Parkinson’s. So lots of false positives, but combined with other indicators it should be useful.

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Treat Parkinson’s while you sleep?

A patent was issued for a “transcranial direct current stimulation” system to reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Curious what are the side effects compared to the current medications? Of course we are still only talking about supportive therapy, rather than any kind of treatment. Would you use it?

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Detector Tablet

Device Uses Handwriting to Detect Neurological Disorders

It is clear that handwriting suffers as Parkinson’s disease progresses. A new product is available that is able to quantify the change in the deficits. Though its use seems to be primarily in assessing the symptoms relief of medications. It is unclear from the literature how good the device is in terms of initial detection, i.e. false positives/negatives, etc.

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