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Dr. Patrik Brundin

Parkinson’s disease starts with sense of smell then spreads

New research suggests that misfolded proteins in Parkinson’s patients spread from the olfactory bulb (and regions that affect the gut) to other regions of the brain. “A major unmet medical need is a therapy that slows disease progression,” said Dr. Patrik Brundin, who leads Parkinson’s research at VAI and is senior author of the study. […]

Will a cure be too late for Tim Vickers?

Tim Vickers, a Parkinson’s disease sufferer, says ‘It won’t kill me, but it might make me wish it had’. Description: “TIM Vickers says he tries not to think about the future.“ Source Link: http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/10602995.Parkinson_s_disease_sufferer___It_won_t_kill_me__but_it_might_make_me_wish_it_had_/ posted on my Facebook page: Parkinson’s News

Tim Vickers

Sniffin Sticks

Decreased sense of smell in Parkinson’s Disease 1

Is a decreased sense of smell an indicator of early stage Parkinson’s disease? Well yes and no. While almost all sufferers lose some of their sense of smell, most of those with decreased sense of smell do not have Parkinson’s. So lots of false positives, but combined with other indicators it should be useful. Description: […]