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Sense of smell in Parkinson's disease

Top 5 Odors Parkies Can’t Smell

Here’s the list, but read on for the rest of the story.
  1. banana
  2. licorice
  3. pizza
  4. pineapple
  5. turpentine
Runners up are: dill pickle, wintergreen, mint, gasoline, smoke, cinnamon, aniseed, apple, lemon, and rose.
Current therapies for Parkinson’s disease treat only some of the symptoms of the disease. They do not treat the disease itself, and there is currently no convincing evidence that early detection and early treatment changes the disease progression. However, early detection has a few existing and future benefits:
  • Early detection may help researchers understand more about how the disease progresses, where it starts and how it spreads.
  • It would allow patients to identify their premotor symptoms for what they are, and seek quicker relief of those symptoms.
  • If detected early enough, neuroprotective strategies (some already known to researchers) may be able to halt progression before the onset of “overt PD”.
  • Early detection will be important for future therapies that stop or slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease; these are the so-called “disease modifying” therapies. The earlier the detection, the more neurons could be saved.

These last two benefits are where …read more

Parkinson's Markers

Parkinson’s disease markers will enable earlier diagnosis

Here’s a worthy effort to identify Parkinson’s disease markers by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Such markers would allow earlier detection and diagnosis of the disease, and would benefit future treatments designed to slow or even stop the degeneration.

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Big Red Brain

Anxiety causes Parkinson’s disease?

Probably not. But it seems that anxiety does indeed predict Parkinson’s Disease. Will that observation make us even more anxious? As to whether or not the relationship is causal or just an association, researchers say, “A possible explanation for the association between anxiety and PD is that unrecognized symptoms of PD may lead to anxiety.” That makes sense.

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Dr. Patrik Brundin

Parkinson’s disease starts with sense of smell then spreads

New research suggests that misfolded proteins in Parkinson’s patients spread from the olfactory bulb (and regions that affect the gut) to other regions of the brain.

“A major unmet medical need is a therapy that slows disease progression,” said Dr. Patrik Brundin, who leads Parkinson’s research at VAI and is senior author of the study. “We hope an understanding of how (the protein) moves between brain regions will help uncover molecules that we can target with new drugs to slow the progression of symptoms in patients.”

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Tim Vickers

Will a cure be too late for Tim Vickers?

Tim Vickers, a Parkinson’s disease sufferer, says ‘It won’t kill me, but it might make me wish it had’.

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Sniffin Sticks

Decreased sense of smell in Parkinson’s Disease

Is a decreased sense of smell an indicator of early stage Parkinson’s disease? Well yes and no. While almost all sufferers lose some of their sense of smell, most of those with decreased sense of smell do not have Parkinson’s. So lots of false positives, but combined with other indicators it should be useful.

  • Description: “Parkinson’s Disease is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of Parkinson’s disease.
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