Are you associated with a university or drug company?

No, this is a privately funded project, backed by many private donors. There are no academic or corporate interests or conflicts.

Are you a charity?

No, we are not accepting any more donations at this stage. Currently this project has relatively few expenses. Nonetheless we would still appreciate your help – see below.

Are you planning to produce a product?

One of the three goals of this project is to publish a formula – a list of raw ingredients of a combinatorial therapy derived from predictions made by the Machine. However, nobody is allowed to sell a product marketed as a treatment for a disease without the FDA’s approval. That said, if everybody is happy with the formula we can try to have somebody manufacture it in a way that does not violate FDA rules. We haven’t really investigated the options yet, but plan to discuss it in the advisory forum. Any decisions and progress regarding the formula will be sent out by email to all those who have signed up to receive the results.

Are you looking for a cure?

No. There are many fine laboratories around the world doing research towards this goal. A complete understanding of the disease (and each of its many subtypes) will be necessary. This will take years, perhaps decades. We are setting our goals a bit more modestly, but in an area that is missing from current medical treatment. The goal of this project is to slow brain cell death, and perhaps even stop it. We want to keep our loved ones alive and healthy until a cure comes. And we want the answers to come quickly – so we will be using a new treatment paradigm introduced in the How Document.

Are you planning to do clinical testing with what you find?

Our goal is to find something with the greatest likelihood of success based on the data already available. Parkinson’s patients need the best option available right now. Brain cells are dying as you read this and patients don’t have the luxury of waiting years for the funding process and the clinical trials. Those things may come. But since we are talking about “natural” substances, the risks for acting first, testing later, are acceptable.

Why did you create this blog?

In fact we were already doing research for our loved ones with Parkinson’s. It was suggested to us that we make our efforts public as the results could help many more people. we have decided to do that, and we are encouraged by the interest and involvement of those who are following and supporting our efforts. Clearly, there’s a need for this project.

Are you against western medicine?

Not at all. If your pipe leaks, you call a plumber. If you have a medical problem, you call the doctor. Doctors, like plumbers, are trained technicians with a certification of their skills. Doctors, for the most part, are very good at what they do and care about their patients’ welfare. We encourage anyone with Parkinson’s disease to choose a personal physician, preferably a neurologist, and to follow what that physician tells them.

Can your techniques be used to help sufferers of other diseases?

We think so. Much of the methodology can be generalized and adapted fairly easily. First we’ll see how this initial project goes before thinking about the expanding. Any suggestions for the next disease?

How can I help?

  1. Sign up to recieve the results. The machine’s results, the recommendations and all updates will only be sent out by email. Please do it now.
  2. Get the word out. Please send an email to everyone you know who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease AND their loved ones (who sometimes have influence on health decisions). If you are on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, connect with this project there. And share our pages with everyone who might be interested. Remind them to sign up to recieve the results. Please do these now.

Thank you!

How can I join your advisory forum?

We will observe your involvement and invite you. Certainly let us know if you are interested and send us your social media details.

Can your recommendations hurt patients?

Any change in lifestyle can have negative consequences. Many drugs have nasty side effects and interactions. Every person is different and reacts differently to different treatments. Many natural substances have the potential to alter liver enzyme activities which modify levels of drugs and other substances. In the extreme, this can potentially even cause hepatotoxicity. Update your doctor if you make any changes to your lifestyle, including recommendations from this project. Also, keep an eye on any symptoms and inform your doctor if you notice any changes.

I found something that works for me. How can I share it?

Great. Please use this form.

My question isn’t here. How can I ask it?

Contact us with your questions. If we feel they would benefit others we will add them here. Thanks.

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