The Parkinson's Fighting Machine

The Parkinson’s Fighting Machine 2

The only hope for helping people with PD today, beyond drugs to reduce symptoms and other forms of temporary relief, is by using very smart computers.

Will Pomegranate help my Parkinson’s? 3

Recently there’s been a buzz about a chemical found in pomegranates that might help people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. What does the science say?

Will Pomegranate help my Parkinson's?

Can Parkinson's Patients Give Blood?

Can Parkinson’s Patients Give Blood? 2

We urge PD patients to voluntarily refrain from donating blood until such time as definitive conclusions about blood-borne transmission of PD are possible.

Is Parkinson’s Disease Contagious? 6

Parkinson’s is not contagious in the sense of transmission from person to person. However, there is much about Parkinson’s that is similar to an infection.

Is Parkinson's Disease Contagious?

Sense of smell in Parkinson's disease

Top 5 Odors Parkies Can’t Smell 1

Reduced sense of smell has a great impact on quality of life of Parkinson’s sufferers, but it also may be used for detecting Parkinson’s early.

Can the Brain Repair Itself? 5

Once Parkinson’s progression is stopped, the brain may have the capacity to repair its own neuronal circuitry.